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Transparency, luminosity und elegance – that’s „Crome“.


In „Chrome“ Ulrich Drechsler’s inspirations from the new currents of classical music, neo-classicism and film music meet. „Chrome“ is the idea of a new sound that emerges from absolute silence, gradually composed of fine lines into a graceful whole in which every single note is of fundamental importance. A dreamlike, minimalist music, reduced to the essentials. 


Such a project requires extraordinary personalities. Ida Leidl, Simon Schellnegger and Efe Turumtay – three highly individual string players who are at home in both classical and popular music. They create the string ensemble sound that gradually envelops the listener in its entirety and creates a fragile carpet of sound.


The electronic musician Peter Zirbs weaves around all the finest electronic sound and dub landscapes. Finally Ulrich Drechsler’s subtle clarinet melodies connect everything.


That’s „Chrome“.


Line Up

Ulrich Drechsler - clarinets

Efe Turumtay - violin

Simon Schellnegger - viola

Ida Leidl - cello

Peter Zirbs - electronics


Charlie Bader

+43 664 8294406

Ulrich Drechsler - CHROME

Ulrich Drechsler - CHROME