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Caramel“ combines the freedom of improvisation with the structural clarity and discipline of classical music, the intensity and emotion of oriental music with the understanding of minimalism and space of Scandinavian music and much, much more. „Caramel“ means for Ulrich Drechsler to play together across all borders and rules. To create a new common language and mutual understanding through attentive action and listening at eye level. This is the epitome of his music. 


In „Caramel“ anything may become possible. The radiant voice of Özlem Bulut, the Turkish coloratura soprano with Kurdish roots, touches the listener deeply. She floats above the room-filling, elegant sound of Oliver Steger’s double bass, above the percussion of Raphael Keuschnigg and Amir Ahmadi’s virtuoso piano lines, overflowing with passion and creativity. A wonderful trio. In addition the slam poetess and rapper Yasmine Hafedh, who is able to juggle words in her inimitable way. In between, above, below Ulrich Drechsler’s clarinets. 


Welcome to „Caramel“


Line Up

Ulrich Drechsler - bass clarinet / clarinet

Özlem Bulut - coloratura soprano

Yasmine Hafedh - recitative / texts

Amir Ahmadi - piano

Oliver Steger - double bass

Raphael Keuschnigg - drums


Charlie Bader

+43 664 8294406

Ulrich Drechsler - CARAMEL

Ulrich Drechsler - CARAMEL